UA-77753629-1 Gartners Custom House Design is owned and operated by Casey Gartner, focusing on residential plans in the penticton area.UA-77753629-1 Gartners Custom House Design provides custom house plans to the Penticton and surrounding area.

How I Work

At Gartner's Custom House Designs I personally see to everything you, the client, needs, wants, and most importantly deserves. If there is one thing I aim to do, you can rest assured that it will be your satisfaction with my work, If you aren't happy then neither am I. You can contact me whenever it conveniences you the most and I will make myself available to meet with you to discuss what you want, whether your the type who likes to meet face to face or just the regular email to keep up to date.

I do not rush my work, I understand that your house is one of the biggest investments in your life so anything less than perfection is not an option for me. Upon meeting with you I would like to get to know you so I can better understand what kind of house your looking for. The Process may start as simply as you telling me what you need, what you like, where the project will take place and anything special you want. From there I can come up with some preliminary designs to walk through with you. then its a matter of adding detail, revisions, and polish. The end result may even differ greatly from the original concept design! You get the easy job, tell me your thoughts, what you like or don't like.

What I Offer

Construction Plans: Gartner's Custom House Designs provides detailed, high quality and professional drawings. Like any project, whether it be new builds, renovations, additions or permit drawings the foundation is key, with sloppy drawings you can receive errors in constriction due to lack of detail, added time and cost, and possibly a product that looks different than the one you envisioned. With my background and experience I can provide drawings that leave no question in the builders mind on how to proceed, or any disciple such as structural, plumbing, electrical or mechanical. 

1st year Carraige suite 1st floor.JPG

Landscape Integration: Ever drive by a house that just doesn't look like it belonged there? Sure its a head turner but its usually not for the right reasons. I can show you what landscaping elements will compliment your house. One of the first steps to my design process is house orientation, depending on the land it can make all the difference between how you can connect with the outside world, and help bring that joy inside.



Green Incentives: Want to save some money on utility bills, set a good example for others or simply reduce your green house gas emissions? believe it or not buildings are one of the top greenhouse gas generators to date. In the Architectural and Engineering program I graduated from my last year focused on incorporating building systems with each other, that also included sustainable technology or "green" technology. options can include solar photo-voltaics to generate power, solar thermal collectors to gather heat, to much more practices on the market. I can tell you how to incorporate them into your house.

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