UA-77753629-1 Gartners Custom House Design is owned and operated by Casey Gartner, focusing on residential plans in the penticton area.UA-77753629-1 Gartners Custom House Designs focuses on residential plans in the Penticton area.

Why I started Gartner's Custom House Design.


I was born and raised in Penticton BC. I started drawing buildings when I was 6. However, back then it was for my personal amusement and I didn't realize how much my passion could affect my future.  One day, my grandfather, noticed my drawings and told me all about architects and building designers. I was smitten with the idea that this could be a career.  

Unfortunately, my dreams had to take me away. I moved to Kamloops to attend Thompson Rivers University's Architecture and Engineering Technology program (A.R.E.T.). The A.R.E.T program then awarded me with a diploma and a Bachelors’ of Building Science.

From an early age, I knew that I wanted to live in this area for the majority of my professional life. Now I'm back in the Okanagan, and it's my pleasure to start my own company and have my dream job.

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